10 Best Ninja Games on Android latest

10 Best Ninja Games on Android latest

 10 Best Ninja Games on Android

10 Best Ninja Games on Android

Now, playing games on Android is no less fun when playing on a laptop.

You can use these games to fill your free time.

There are many games available at the game store you can play.

One of them is a ninja application that offers an exciting game concept that makes you forget time.

For those of you who like to see the Japanese anime, especially those with Ninja themes, this best Ninja game on Android is the best option to accompany the relaxation time of your friends.

The Best Application of Ninja Games on Android

1. Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage

10 Best Ninja Games on Android
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The best application of Ninja games on Android, will first discuss, namely, Naruto X Boruto ninja voltage.

For you, Naruto Anime Lovers, you must play this game.

Naruto has become one of the best animes with a large number of fanatics around the world.

Sangking popular, to make naruto games with full characters and stories.

All the characters of the game are the same as in the anime.

Also, Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage also offers a simple game that allows you to play immediately, although this is the first Ninja game you play.

One of the joys when playing Naruto X Boruto Ninja Tension is that it can form a 4-member team.

This game also has another advantage, namely, its incredible graphics.

Guaranteed will be addicted when playing this game and can spend hours.

2. LEGO® Ninjago®: Ride Ninja

10 Best Ninja Games on Android
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LEGO® Ninjago®: Ride Ninja is a game that offers a different game concept from Ninja games in general.

This is where you will travel a motorcycle with a weapon in the form of a typical Ninja sword.

Not only do you have to ride a motorcycle and outperform your enemies.

In this game you also have to fight against your enemies using your weapons.

If you are not satisfied with the weapons you have, you can use other weapons.

But you have to update first.

3. Overdrive.

10 Best Ninja Games on Android
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A game of ninja that tells a Cybord (core) that he hates being betrayed by his own clan.

The Cyborg clan apparently discovered that they had killed old Cyborg.

One of the previous versions of Cyborgs is core.

Therefore, here the core will start an adventure to get your revenge by eliminating all the new cyborgs.

4. Shadow Fight 2

10 Best Ninja Games on Android
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The fourth Best Ninja game is Shadow Fight 2.

If you have played this game before, it is sure that you are already familiar.

This game is a continuation of the fight against the shadow it previously carried out in FB.

Here you will play a Ninja character that has several martial arts movements.

This game also has a concept like when you play a game of RPG gender combined with an epic battle.

To make you stronger, always update your weapons and so on.

5. Clumsy Ninja.

10 Best Ninja Games on Android
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From the name, you already know that this game is a game of Ninja.

One of the best suitable games to fill free time.

You can also carry out a mission where you have to make the ninja that Buddy is trained to be strong.

If you are interested in testing it, you can click immediately at the playback store.

6. Ninja Arashi.

An adventure game combined with the RPG genre makes Ninja Arashi a game you should play.

ARASHI is a ninja that aspires to eradicate the corruption of this world.

He also wandered to find the son of him lost he who was kidnapped by a criminal named Orochi.

He can increase him's skills when updating the skills to facilitate defeat to the enemy.

7. Ninja Veganza.

As the name of him indicates, this game tells the story of a ninja that wants to take revenge on the death of his wife.

In finding someone responsible for the death of his wife, the Ninja must pass through various obstacles and threats from a formidable enemy.

Here you will be equipped with the ability to fight against your enemies.

8. Devil Ninja 2

Game prepared for those of you who like to fight against monsters.

Here it will not only fight these annoying monsters, but also collects weapons, energy balls and several items that need to fight.

The sound effect in this game is one of the favorites because it provides an incredible game experience.

9. Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Games that are still related to Naruto.

This time there is a better ninja lapse, which leads you to experience the battle of Naruto with the enemies of him.

You can find all the characters in the anime of Naruto here.

Here you can play free mode where you can duel your opponent 1 in 1.

There is also a way of adventure where you can choose who your partner will be.

10. Ninja Samurai Assassin Hero II

The best Ninja game on Android that we recommend is Ninja Samurai Assassin Hero II.

Here you will be a disappointed and angry person who wants to kill all your enemies.

The enemies they faire have several skills. Then, do not let your guard fall.

Here you are provided with a special compass and a map.

You must be ready to fight your enemies with all the skills and weapons you have.

If you are interested in this game, visit the game store, download and then play.

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